Spotlight On: Jing Wang

July 9, 2020 by CIRHR Communications

Graduated: 2010 
ThesisWork-Life Balance Programs in Canadian Workplaces: Factors Affecting Availability and Utilization 
Research areas: strategic human resources management, work-life balance, diversity management, and underemployment, and labor issues such as minimum wages and labor arbitration in China 
NowAssociate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director, School of Human Resource Management, York University 

Dr. Jing Wang a human resource professional for several multinational companies in China before beginning her career in academia. She has since written about labor issues such as minimum wages and labor arbitration in China, including “Minimum wage effects on employment and wages: dif‐in‐dif estimates from eastern China,” co-authored with CIRHR Professor Morley Gunderson and published in the International Journal of Manpower in 2012, which won the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013. 

Selected publications 

  • Wang, J. & Gunderson, M. (2018). Minimum wages effects on low-skilled workers in less-developed regions of China, International Journal of Manpower, 39(3), 455-467 
  • Wang, J. & Gunderson, M. (2015). Adjustments to minimum wages in China: Cost-neutral offsets. Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations. 70(3), 510-531 
  • Verma, A., Wang, J. & Frost, S. (2008). A many-headed dragon: growing pluralism in labour policy and regulation in China. Canadian Labour & Employment Law Journal. 14(2),243-269. 

Wang’s other research interests include strategic human resources management, work-life balance, diversity management, and underemployment. 

Selected publications: 

Strategic human resources management and Work-life balance 

  • Chen, L. & Wang, J. (2017). Business strategy, compensation policy and innovation performance: A behavioral perspective. Compensation and Benefits Review, 49(4), 189-205 
  • Wang, J & Reid, F. (2015) . The impact of the discrepancy between actual and desired work hours on absenteeism. International Journal of Manpower, 36(5), 668-693. 


  • Wang, J. (2018). Underemployment and turnover: The moderating role of human resource practices. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 29(9), 1565-1587 

Wang’s research on labour issues in China include collaborations with Professors Morley Gunderson and Anil Verma. Other collaborations with Gunderson include work on sexual orientation: 

  • Wang, J. & Gunderson, M. (2019). Can gay-lesbian pay gaps shed light on male-female pay gaps? International Journal of Manpower, 40(2), 178-189 
  • Wang, J. & Gunderson, M., Wicks, D. (2018). The earnings effect of sexual orientation: British evidence from worker-firm matched data, British Journal of Industrial Relations, 56(4), 744-769  

Wang has also collaborated with fellow CIRHR PhD alumni, including Tony Fang (PhD 2004), Byron Lee (PhD 2011), and Amanda Shantz (PhD 2008) 

  • Shantz, A., Wang, J. & Malik, A.R. (2018) . Disability status, individual variable pay, and pay satisfaction: Does relational and institutional trust make a difference? Human Resource Management, 57(1). 365-380  
  • Lee, B., Wang, J. & Weststar, J. (2015). Work hour congruence: The effect on job satisfaction and absenteeism. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 26(5), 657-675. First published online June 3, 2014, DOI: 10.1080/095851. 

Wang completed her BA at Peking University and her MILR at Cornell University. After completing her PhD, she was a faculty member of the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's University before joining York University’s School of Human Resource Management.