Spotlight On: Lin Xiu

July 28, 2020 by CIRHR Communications

Graduated: 2010 
ThesisThree Essays on Employment and Compensation in China 
Research areas: Strategic HRM, Diversity Issues in the Workplace and Employment Relations, Compensation, and Negotiation 
NowAssociate Professor, Faculty of Human Resource Management, University of Minnesota-Duluth 

Dr. Lin Xiu’s research focuses on employment relationships both inside and outside of the workplace and the effects of various factors (e.g. marketization, unionization, culture changes, outsourcing, etc.) on employment outcomes at both individual and organizational levels. Her research encompasses workplace diversity, compensation management, motivation mechanisms as well as the implications of HRM on corporate governance issues in the context of globalization.  

Selected publications: 

  • Xiu, L., K. Dauner, and C. McIntosh (forthcoming) “The Impact of Organizational Support for Employees’ Health on Organizational Commitment, Intent to Remain and Job Performance,” Evidence -Based HRM. 
  • Dauner, K, C. McIntosh, and L. Xiu (forthcoming) “Determinants of workplace health program participation among non, low, and incentive-achieving participants,” Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health. 
  • Xiu, L., X. Liang, Z. Chen, and W. Xu (2017), “Strategic Flexibility, Innovative HR Practices, and Firm Performance-A Moderated Mediation Model,” Personnel Review. 46(7), pp.1335-1357. 
  • Xiu, L., Kang, G. & Roline, A. (2015), Who Negotiates A Higher Starting Salary? A Moderation Model on the Role of Gender, Personality and Risk Attitude, Naikai Business Review International. 6(3), pp. 240-255. 
  • Kang, G., Xiu, L. & Roline, A. (2015), How Do Interviewers Respond to Applicants’ Initiation of Salary Negotiation? An Exploratory Study on the Role of Gender & Personality, Evidence-Based HRM. 3(2), pp. 145-158. 

With CIRHR professor Morley Gunderson, Xiu has published a series articles studying the gender pay gap: 

  • Xiu, L. & M. Gunderson (2015), Occupational Segregation and The Gender Earnings Gap in China: Devils in the Details, International Journal of Manpower. 36(5), pp. 711-732. 
  • Xiu, L. & M. Gunderson, (2014), Glass Ceiling or Sticky Floor? Quantile Regression Decomposition of the Gender Pay Gap in China, International Journal of Manpower. 35(3), pp. 306-326. 
  • Xiu, L. & M. Gunderson, (2013), Credential Effects and Returns to Education in China, Labour: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations. 27 (2), pp. 225-248. 
  • Xiu, L. & M. Gunderson, (2013). Gender Earnings Differences in China: Base Pay, Performance Pay and Total Pay. Contemporary Economic Policy. 31(1): 235-254. (online available Feb 2012) 
  • Xiu, L. & M. Gunderson, (2013). Performance Pay in China: Gender Aspects. British Journal of Industrial Relations: an international journal of employment relation. 51(1): 124-147. (online available Dec 2011) 

Xui completed her undergraduate studies in Human Resources Management at Renmin University of China and her master’s degree in Industrial Relations at Queen’s University. After completing her PhD at the CIRHR, Xiu joined the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Faculty of Human Resource Management.