Spotlight On: Long Careers

July 3, 2020 by CIRHR Communications

As we mark 30 years since the Centre awarded its first doctorate, many of our earliest PhD alumni have started new chapters in their lives following long and accomplished careers. Here, we highlight our first PhD graduate, Dr. Genevieve Eden (CIRHR PhD 1990), alongside Dr. Jean-Guy Bergeron (CIRHR PhD 1993), Dr. Frank White (CIRHR PhD 1993), and Dr. Mark Thomas (CIRHR PhD 2002). 

Genevieve Eden 

Graduated: 1990 
ThesisUnjust dismissal in the Canadian federal jurisdiction 
Research areas: industrial relations, conflict management and dispute resolution, employment law 
Before retirement: Associate Professor, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria 

Selected publications: 

Jean-Guy Bergeron 

Graduated: 1993 
ThesisUnionization in the private service sector 
Research areas: union, collective bargaining 
Before retirement: Assistant Professor, Ecole de relations industrielles, Université de Montréal  

Dr. Jean-Guy Bergeron was a union counselor in both the public and private sectors with the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) for 15 years before beginning his academic career. His research included unionization in the private service sector, the adaptation of collective agreements and innovation in collective bargaining. His work includes several collaborations with fellow alumn Frank White (CIRHR PhD 1993).

Selected publications: 

Frank White 

Graduated: 1993 
ThesisDeterminants of professional unionization in Canada 
Before retirement: Université de Montréal, the Ontario Society for Professional Engineers 

Frank White's work includes several collaborations with fellow alumn Jean-Guy Bergeron (CIRHR PhD 1993).

Selected publications: 

  • Bergeron, J., Bourque, R. & White, F. (2007). Évaluation d'un programme de formation aux approches de résolution de problèmes en négociation collective. Négociations, no 7(1), 163-179. doi:10.3917/neg.007.0163.  
  • Bourque, R., Bergeron, J., Grant, M., & White, F. (1998). Contexte organisationnel et efficacite de la procedure de reglement des griefs: Resultats d'une etude empirique au quebec. Relations Industrielles, 53(4), 623-646. Retrieved from  
  • Cousineau, Jean-Michel et White, Frank, “Analytical Job Characteristics and Compensation by Major Occupation.”, 1998. Document de recherche #98-01, École de relations industrielles, Université de Montréal.  
  • White, Frank, “Decomposing the Changes in Canadian Union density 1981-1989.”, 1996. Document de recherche #96-05, École de relations industrielles, Université de Montréal.  
  • White, Frank, “Occupational Determination of Professional Union Membership.”, 1994. Document de recherche #94-10, École de relations industrielles, Université de Montréal. 

Mark Edward Thomas 

(August 18, 1955 – June 21, 2018) 

Graduated: 2002 
ThesisThe effect of expedited, tripartite, and conventional arbitration on arbitration outcomes
Before retirement: Professor, Faculty of Management, University of New Brunswick 

Dr. Mark Thomas completed his Bachelor of Law and BBA at the University of New Brunswick and his PHD in Industrial Relations as well as his MBA at U of T. He taught at Trent University, St. Mary’s University, University of New Brunswick and University of Toronto. Thomas died in Pickering, Ontario in 2018.