Spotlight On: Maureen D. (Stephen) Hannay

April 16, 2020 by CIRHR Communications

Graduated: 1993 
ThesisCollective bargaining outcomes and the performance of the firm  
Research areas: HR policies, performance management, employee engagement 
NowProfessor of Management, Sorrell College of Business, Troy University 

Dr. Maureen D. (Stephen) Hannay's research focuses on HR policies, performance management, and employee management in different sectors, including higher education and sports management. Her articles been published in many academic journals, including Labor Law Journal, Compensation & Benefits Review, Journal of International Business and Cultural Studies and American Journal of Management. 

Selected publications:  

HR policies 

Leadership and employee engagement 

She has published articles about labour relations in specific sectors, such as higher education and sports management. 

Higher Education 

Sports Management 

  • Fretwell, C. E., Lewis, C. C., Hannay, M., & Colley, M. C. (2017). Need for Affiliation of College Football Fans: A Partial Least Squares (PLS) Path Modeling Approach. Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness, 11(3). 

Hannay recalls the bonds between PhD students as some of her strongest memories from her time at the Centre:    

“One of the best things that came from my time at the CIRHR was my friendship/writing relationship with Rosemary Venne (‘IRHR PhD 1993). While we were a couple of years apart in our Ph.D. programs, we have stayed in contact over the years. We have had the opportunity to publish several articles together and to visit in person through the years.” 

Hannay and Venne continue to collaborate on papers and presentations: 

  • Venne, R. A., & Hannay, M. (2018). Generational change, the modern workplace and performance appraisal: Why changing workplaces need a developmental approach to performance appraisal. American Journal of Management, 18(5), 88-102. Retrieved from 
  • Venne, R. A., & Hannay, M. (2017) Demographics, the Third Age and partial retirement: Policy proposals to accommodate the changing picture of female retirement in Canada, Journal of Women & Aging, 29:6, 475-493, DOI: 10.1080/08952841.2017.1377541 
  • Rosemary Venne and Maureen Hannay (presenter), Is there a work-fertility trade off? Women, work and identity, at conference: Statistics Canada: 100 years and counting, December 6-7, 2018, Ottawa, Ontario. 
  • Rosemary Venne and Maureen Hannay (presenter), Generational Change, the Modern Workplace and Performance Appraisal: Why Changing Workplaces Need a Developmental Approach to Performance Appraisal, at Academy of Business Research Fall 2018 Conference, in Boca Raton, Florida, (at Lynn University), November 14-16, 2018. 

Before coming to the Centre, Hannay completed her B.A. at the University of British Columbia, and her M. Sc. at University of Toronto. She is now Professor of Management at Sorrell College of Business, Troy University, Florida.