Spotlight On: Noel Cowell

May 14, 2020 by CIRHR Communications

Graduated: 2001 
ThesisThe use of workplace innovations in a developing economy: the case of Jamaica 
Research areas: Human Recourse Management and legislation in the Caribbean; Gender diversity and Inclusion at workplace in Jamaca; Workplace ethics 
NowUnit Head, Behavioural Sciences & General Management (BSGM), The University of the West Indies 

Dr. Noel Cowell’s research focuses on the IR policy, workplace legislation, diversity and inclusion in Jamaica and the Caribbean region. 

Selected publications:


  • Dunn, H., & Cowell, N. (2012). Mobility and Work in the Caribbean – Telecommuting for Personal and Regional Development. Kingston: Ian Randle Publishers. 
  • Cowell, N. M., & Branche, C. (2002). Human resource development and workplace governance in the Caribbean. Kingston: I. Randle. 
  • N. Cowell, A. Campbell, G. Chen, & S. Moore (Eds.), Ethical Perspectives for Caribbean Business. Arawak publications; 1st edition (September 21, 2007). 

Journal articles 

Gender diversity and inclusion at workplace in Jamaica 

  • West, K., & Cowell, N. M. (2015). Predictors of prejudice against lesbians and gay men in jamaica. The Journal of Sex Research, 52(3), 296-305. doi:10.1080/00224499.2013.853725 
  • Cowell, N. M. (2011). Public discourse, popular culture and attitudes towards homosexuals in Jamaica. Social and Economic Studies, 60(1), 31-60. Retrieved from  
  • Cowell, N., & Saunders, T. (2011). Exploring heteronormativity in the public discourse of Jamaican legislators. Sexuality & Culture, 15(4), 315-331. doi:10.1007/s12119-011-9105-2 

HRM in Caribbean Tourism 

  • Crick, A. P., & Cowell, N. (2002). Tourism and the Plantation Model: Dimensions of the Worker Management Relationship in Caribbean Tourism. Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies, 29. 
  • Cowell, N., Freckleton, M., Jayawardena, C., & Crick, A. P. (2001). Human Resource Issues in Caribbean Tourism. 164. 
  • Cowell, N. M., McDavid, H., & Saunders, T. S. (2012). Managing guest security in a high-violence society. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes, 4(1), 32-47. doi:10.1108/17554211211198570 

HRM in Jamaica 

  • McNaughton, M. L., & Cowell, N. (2016). The role of analytics: In building the high-performance workforce. MSBM Business Review, 24–27.  
  • Minto-Coy, I., Cowell, N. M., & McLeod, M. (2016). Introduction: Breaking the barriers: Entrepreneurship, enterprise, competitiveness and growth in the Caribbean. Social and Economic Studies, 65(2), 1-13,211-212,225-226. Retrieved from  
  • Cowell, N. (2007). Human Resource Development and Enterprise Competitiveness in Jamaica. Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies, 32, 31–56.  
  • Cowell, N. (2004). Is Work a Four-letter Word? Work Attitudes and the Myth of the Lazy Jamaican Workers. Social and Economic Studies, 53, 1–29. 
  • Cowell, N., & Mitchell, S. (2001). Human Resource Management and Workplace Restructuring in the Jamaican Public Sector: The case of the Tax Administration Reform Programme. Caribbean Journal of Public Sector Management, 2, 2–22. 

Cowell is the Unit Head of Behavioral Sciences and General Management (BSGM) at the University of the West Indies’ Mona School of Business and Management. 

Cowell played a lead role in designing graduate and undergraduate programs in Labour and Employment Relations for the UWI, Mona. He developed the concentration BSc in Management Studies (Entrepreneurship), revised undergraduate Industrial Relations curriculum, and developed new undergraduate courses in Business Negotiations, Labour Law and Compensation Management. 

Before beginning his PhD at the Centre, Cowell obtained his BSc and MSc in Economics at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica and worked as a researcher at the Institute of Social and Economic Research and the Joint Trades Unions Research Development Centre. Prior joining the Department of Management Studies, he worked with the UWI, Mona Department of Economics.