Spotlight On: Scott Walsworth

August 27, 2020 by CIRHR Communications

Graduated: 2006 
ThesisThree essays on the international workplace in Canada 
Research areas: employment and labour law, unions and management, immigration and the labour market 
NowAssociate Professor, Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan 

In addition to his position as Associate Professor in the Human Resource and Organizational Behaviour Department at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Scott Walsworth is both a labour arbitrator and  Chair of the Educational Relations Board, a position created by Saskatchewan’s Education Act to oversee labour relations between the province and its 17,000 teachers. 

Walsworth has published several articles discussing how unions affect management decisions and firm outcomes, such as innovation, profits and employment growth. 

  • Walsworth, Scott. "Why do Workers Join Unions, and what Effects do Unions have on Business?" The Law of Work: Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining. Ed. David J. Doorey, et al. Toronto, Canada: Emond Publishing, 2017. Print. 
  • Daphne Taras and Scott Walsworth. Employment Relations in Canada. In Bamber, G.J., Lansbury, R.D., Wailes, N. & Wright, C.F. (eds) 2016, International and Comparative Employment Relations: National Regulation, Global Changes* 6th edn, Sage, London: 
  • Walsworth, Scott. 2010.  “What do Unions do to Innovation?  An Empirical Examination of the Canadian Private Sector.” Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, 65(4): 543-561. 
  • Walsworth, Scott. 2010. “Unions and Employment Growth: The Canadian Experience.” Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, 49(1): 142-156. 

He has also conducted research in India regarding immigration decisions and the labour market integration issues faced by skilled workers.   

  • Somerville, Kara and Scott Walsworth. 2015 "Information Sources and Knowledge Transfer to Future Migrants: A study of university students in India" Asian and Pacific Migration Journal 24(1): 28-50. 
  • Walsworth, Scott and Suresh Kalagnanam. 2013.  “Applying the Hindu Four Stage Life-Cycle Model to Human Resource Management,” International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management, 6(4): 507-520. 
  • Walsworth, Scott and Kara Somerville. 2010 “Admission and Employment Criteria Discrepancies: Experiences of Skilled Immigrants in Toronto.” Journal of International Migration and Integration, 11(3): 341-368. 

Walsworth has worked with CIRHR professor Anil Verma on globalization and innovative HR practices; with Bruce Curran (CIRHR PhD 2015) on compensation in Canadian private sector, and is a co-author, with Bob Hebdon (CIRHR PhD 1992) and Travor Brown (CIRHR PhD 1999) of the 4th edition of the textbook, Industrial relations in Canada.   

  • Hebdon R., Brown, T.C. & Walsworth, S. (2020). Industrial Relations in Canada, 4th edition. Toronto: Nelson 
  • Curran, Bruce and Scott Walsworth. 2014. “Can you Pay Employees to Innovate: Empirical Evidence from the Canadian Private Sector.” Human Resource Management Journal, 24(3): 290-306. 
  • Walsworth, S. and Verm, A. (2007), Globalization, Human Resource Practices and Innovation: Recent Evidence from the Canadian Workplace and Employee Survey. Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, 46: 222-240. doi:10.1111/j.1468-232X.2007.00466.x 

Walsworth completed his undergraduate degree in labour studies at McMaster University before coming to the Centre to begin his MIRHR. After completing his PhD at the CIRHR, he joined the faculty at Trent University, and, in 2007, joined the Edwards School of Business Department of Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour, where he has served as Director of the Labour-Management Relations Certificate Program and Head of the Department of Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour. He is also a past president of the Canadian Industrial Relations Association.