Video: Reimagining the Regulation and Governance of Work: LERA 2020 Annual Volume (ILERA2020)

June 22, 2020 by Anonymous

Each year the Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) produces a topical research volume. The 2020 volume is titled Reimagining the Regulation and Governance of Work and edited by Dionne Pohler (University of Toronto).

This video presents a panel of contributors discussing their chapters and is part of the 10th International Labour and Employment Relations Association Regional Congress of the Americas (ILERA2020).

  • The Role of Collective Bargaining in the Digitized Workplace Rachel Aleks (University of Windsor), Michael Maffie (Pennsylvania State University) and Tina Saksida (University of Prince Edward Island)
  • Multinational Corporations as Labor Regulators Greg Distelhorst (University of Toronto)
  • The Design of Basic Income Guarantees Kourtney Koebel (University of Toronto) and Dionne Pohler (University of Toronto)
  • Guaranteed Jobs or Guaranteed Income? Lessons from a Canadian Jobs Program Marc-Andre Pigeon (University of Saskatchewan)
  • National Living Wage Movements in a Regional World: The Fight for $15 in the United States, Jason Spicer (University of Toronto), Robert Manduca (Harvard University), Tamara Kay (University of Notre Dame)
  • Immigration, Employment Relations and the State: Tensions between Internal and External Governance Chris F. Wright and Stephen Clibborn (University of Sydney)
  • Digital Kelsoism: Employee Stock Ownership as Template for Stakeholder Networks Nathan Schneider (University of Colorado Boulder)