Video: A Scholar of Historic Renown: Honouring the Contributions of Bruce Kaufman (ILERA2020)

June 22, 2020 by Anonymous

As part of the 10th International Labour and Employment Relations Association Regional Congress of the Americas (ILERA2020), a June 17, 2020 virtual symposium honoured the contributions of economist Dr. Bruce E Kaufman (Georgia State University) to the field of industrial and labour relations and human resource management. This symposium was organized by John W. Budd (University of Minnesota), Rafael Gomez (University of Toronto), and Daphne Taras (Ryerson University).

Chair: Rafael Gomez (University of Toronto)

Presenters: John Kelly (University of London), Dionne Pohler (University of Toronto), Mark Bray (University of Newcastle), David Lewin (UCLA), Daphne Taras (Ryerson University)