Volunteering as an access point: Student research for Volunteer Toronto

September 24, 2020 by Anonymous

"Meaningful volunteerism takes resources, skills, and dedicated expertise to enable."

Volunteer Toronto's 2019-2020 digital annual report includes a shoutout to the amazing research done by CIRHR students in partnership with the organization, which connects volunteers to the groupsthat need them. From the report:

During the Winter 2020 term, research students from the University of Toronto’s Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources took on two key research topics to help inform pressing needs identified by Volunteer Toronto:

#1: How effective is volunteering as a stepping stone to employment?

We learned that youth, newcomers, and racialized individuals benefit most from volunteering as an access point to social and economic opportunities.

#2: Will seniors continue to be a powerhouse of the voluntary sector?

Seniors volunteer the most hours in Canada. Research revealed that seniors face barriers too, and micro-volunteering might also be the way of the future for this demographic.