Job Search and the School-to-Work Transition

Oxford University Press

The school-to-work transition (STWT) is a major life event for those who must leave behind their lives as full-time students and begin new lives as a full-time employees. Although much has been written about the STWT, the role and importance of job search has often been neglected. At the same time, research on job search has tended to treat the job-search process as an independent and isolated activity. In this chapter, I describe an integrated model of job search within the context of the STWT. It shows that job search is preceded by a career-planning and development stage and followed by a work-adjustment stage. A successful STWT requires students to engage in a number of behaviors at each stage which should result in numerous outcomes that are necessary for a successful transition to the next stage. The model shows that job search is a critical part of the STWT that connects the career-planning and development stage to the work-adjustment stage. The chapter concludes with a discussion of the implications of the model for job search and STWT research and practice.


  • Alan Saks


  • Ute-Christine Klehe
  • Edwin van Hooft

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The Oxford Handbook of Job Loss and Job Search