12-Month MIRHR Program: Advanced Standing Option

Students who meet the qualifications for admission and have a four-year bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, in a related field of study (e.g. employment relations; industrial relations; labour studies; commerce or psychology with a major in human resources) will qualify for the 12-month MIRHR (advanced standing) program.

Students complete eleven half-courses (or equivalent) described below during three sessions of study (September to August). Please note the numbering is to facilitate counting and does not necessarily indicate a chronological order.

  1. IRE 1010H - Economic Environment of IR & HR
  2. IRE 1126H - Labour Market Policy (PR)
  3. IRE 2001H - Foundations and Current Issues in Industrial Relations and Human Resources (PR)
  4. IRE 2002H - Research Methods in Industrial Relations and Human Resources (PR)
  5. Plus one of the following courses:
  6. Plus one of the following law courses
  7. - 11. Five elective courses are chosen to fill the requisite eleven half-courses, or their equivalent, in the one year program.
Courses marked (PR) require prerequisites and further information is available from the Centre.