Part-time MIRHR Students

Part-time students fulfill the same degree requirements as full-time students but take fewer courses each semester. The average length of time to complete the MIRHR degree is 4 to 5 years.

Part-time students must complete all Year 1 required courses prior to selecting their elective courses. This will ensure that necessary prerequisite courses have been acquired.

Students register in the sessions in which they are completing course requirements and summer session enrolment is optional.  In certain circumstances, the Graduate Coordinator may permit a part-time student to exceed more than the maximum number of courses permitted.

Prior to completing all courses, part-time students may “stop out” with permission of the Graduate Coordinator for up to 12 months. The time limit for completing the degree is 6 years. If necessary, students may request a Leave of Absence (parental/personal/medical) for one to three sessions.  If approved, the time limit for completing degree requirements would be extended accordingly.

In certain circumstances, part-time students may be permitted to switch to full-time status.