The CIRHR on the GM Plant Closure

November 30, 2018 by Anonymous

The closure of the General Moters plant in Oshawa is making headlines, and the CIRHR is lending its expertise. 

Director Rafael Gomez sat in for a call-in discussion on CBC Radio's Ontario Today

Former CIRHR Director Anil Verma spoke to the Candian Press about the future for autoworkers:

The exit strategy for labour is to negotiate a good deal. To buy time, that’s one thing the union can do. I heard the president of Unifor thundering that he won’t go down without a fight, but what are we fighting for? I think we’re fighting for a peaceful and orderly transition and to take care of people.

The CIRHR Library's PWR: work&labour news&research has a special Oshawa issue out today. See their Tumblr for all their covereage of the GM plant shutdown as the story develops.


Listen to the Ontario Today segment here: