Congratulations, Qian Zhang!

May 26, 2020 by CIRHR Communications

Congratulations to Qian Zhang, who has been awarded a Mary H. Beatty Fellowship award! Qian has recently completed her fourth year in the doctoral program at the CIRHR.  

Following the completion of her BA (Hons.) in Economics and Human Resources at U of T, Qian graduated from the MIRHR program in 2014. Now a doctoral candidate, her primary research interest is the design and implementation of talent management systems in various organizational forms and the effectiveness of different talent management programs on improving organizational performance. Qian is interested in exploring the impact of technology advancement on strategic talent management and strategic human resource management.  

To students following in her footsteps in the Centre’s graduate programs, Qian says that, having graduated from the MIRHR program and working for two years, coming back to the Centre for doctoral studies is "the best choice I've made in my life so far."

The Centre is like my family. No matter where you go and what you need, you know they are there and always ready to help you. I have learned not just advanced methodology and knowledge in the field of industrial relations and human resources, but also a sense of giving and responsibility. The Centre teaches how to become a responsible person—to your work, your family, and to society—and to always think of giving rather than taking. 

Congratulations, Qian!