Spotlight On: Danielle Lamb

March 19, 2020 by CIRHR Communications

Graduated: 2012 
ThesisTopics in Canadian Aboriginal Earnings, Employment and Education: An Empirical Analysis 
Research areas: Discrimination in the labour market/workplace, economic inequality, youth employment/unemployment, education, workplace wellness/mental health 
NowAssistant Professor in the department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University 

Dr. Danielle Lamb’s research, broadly speaking, looks at employment and earnings disparities in Canada. This research has included issues related to diversity, discrimination and inequality in the labour market and employment relationship. 

  • Lamb, D. (2015) The Economic Impact of the Great Recession on Aboriginal People Living Off Reserve in Canada.  Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, 70(3). DOI:10.7202/1033406ar 
  • Lamb, D. (2014). Aboriginal Early School Leavers On- and Off-Reserve: An Empirical Analysis. Canadian Public Policy / Analyse De Politiques, 40(2), 156-165. Retrieved from 
  • Lamb, D. (2013) Earnings Inequality among Aboriginal Groups in Canada. Journal of Labour Research, 34(2). DOI:10.1007/s12122-013-9158-0 

Recent research has focused on non-standard work with a lens to exploring how such work arrangements may create or exacerbate economic inequalities. 

In June 2019, Lamb and co-author Rafael Gomez (CIRHR PhD 2000) were awarded the 2018 Best Paper Competition: LERA/ILR Review Special Series in Employment Relations for work examining the association between unionization and non-standard work in terms of coverage and wages. 

  • Gomez, R., & Lamb, D. (2019). Unions and Non-Standard Work: Union Representation and Wage Premiums across Non-Standard Work Arrangements in Canada, 1997–2014. ILR Review, 72(4), 1009–1035. 

In addition to work with Gomez, Lamb’s collaborations with CIRHR alumni also include research with Margaret Yap (CIRHR PhD 2004). 

  • Lamb, D., Yap, M., & Turk, M. (2018). Aboriginal/Non-aboriginal wage gaps in Canada: Evidence from the 2011 national household survey. Relations Industrielles, 73(2), 225-251. 
  • Gomez, R. and Lamb, D. (2013), Demographic Origins of the Great Recession: Implications for China. China & World Economy, 21: 97-118. doi:10.1111/j.1749-124X.2013.12017.x 

Following the completion of her MIRHR and PhD, Lamb joined the faculty at Ryerson University, where she an Assitant Professor in the department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour in the Ted Rogers School of Management.