Spotlight On: Margaret Yap

April 2, 2020 by CIRHR Communications

Graduated: 2004 
ThesisGender and Racial Differentials in Compensation, Promotion and Separations in Canada
Research areas: Diversity in organizations, Earnings and advancement in organizations, Gender and race/ethnicity, Human resource management in global economy 
NowAssociate Professor, Human Resource Management, Ryerson University 

Dr. Margaret Yap’s research interests include human resources management in a global economy and diversity and equity in organizations focusing on ethnicity/race and gender. Her recent research has included that looked at career advancement of visible minorities in Canadian corporations. 

Selected publications: 

  • Cukier, W., Gagnon, S., Roach, E., Elmi, M., Yap, M. & Rodrigues, S. “Trade-offs and Disappearing Acts: Shifting Societal Discourses of Diversity in Canada over Three Decades,” The International Journal of Human Resource Management, (2016):1-34. Vol. 28, Issue 7, 1031-1064. Print. 
  • Yap, M., Holmes, M., Hannan, C. & Cukier, W. “Correlates of Career Satisfaction in Canada – The Immigrants’ Experience,” Journal of International Migration and Integration, Volume 15:1 (2014): 49-71. Print.  
  • Cukier, W., Smarz, S. & Yap, M. “Using the Diversity Audit Tool to Assess the Status of Women in the Canadian Financial Services Sector: A Case Study.” The International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nation,” Volume 11:3 (2011): 15-36. Print.  
  • Yap, M. (2010). Slicing and dicing the gender/racial earnings differentials. International Journal of Manpower, 31(4), 466-488. 

Yap’s contributions to the field have included co-authored textbooks, in addition to her research, teaching, and work with industry. 

  • Belcourt, M., McBey, K., Hong, Y. & Yap, M. 2012. Strategic Human Resources Planning, 5th edition, Thomson Nelson, Toronto. 
  • Milkovich, G., Newman, J., Gerhart, B, Cole, N. & Yap, M. 2013. Compensation, 5th Canadian edition, McGrawHill-Ryerson. 

In 2005, Yap won the Best PhD Dissertation Award in Human Resources Research from the International Alliance for Human Resources Research for her dissertation, "Gender and Racial Differentials in Compensation, Promotions and Separations.” Yap was also the 2012 winner of the Human Resources Professional Association’s HR Academic of the Year Award. In 2011, “The Relationship between Diversity Training, Organizational Commitment and Career Satisfaction" was chosen as a Highly Commended Paper at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.  

  • Yap, M., Holmes, M., Hannan, C. & Cukier, W. (2010) “The Relationship between Diversity Training, Organizational Commitment and Career Satisfaction.” Journal of European Industrial Training 34.6. 519 – 538. Print. 

Reflecting on her time as a student at the Centre, Yap notes that she was the first Asian female doctoral student at the CIRHR. Her relationship with the Centre has continued since then, through her teaching in the MIRHR program, where she has taught both Strategic HR Management and, for more than a decade, Compensation, as well as through recent research with fellow alumna, Danielle Lamb (CIRHR PhD 2012).  

  • Lamb, D., Yap, M., & Turk, M. (2018). Aboriginal/Non-aboriginal wage gaps in Canada: Evidence from the 2011 national household survey. Relations Industrielles, 73(2), 225-251.  

After completing her BA at York University, Yap held numerous human resources management roles at a multinational telecommunications organization, including a three-year international assignment in Asia-Pacific. She came to the CIRHR for both her MIR and PhD and, before joining the faculty at Ryerson University, she was research director at Catalyst Canada a non-profit research and advisory organization. She was the Director of the Diversity Institute in Management and Technology at the Ted Rogers School of Management from 2006 to 2011.