Spotlight On: Ted Mock

May 1, 2020 by CIRHR Communications

Graduated: 2005 
ThesisThree papers on the impact of workplace practices and of unions on organizational outcomes 
Research areas: Recruitment and Selection, Compensation, Human Resources Planning, Labour Relations 
NowProfessor, Seneca College School of Leadership & Human ResourcesSessional Instructor, CIRHR, University of Toronto 

“HR was always a given for me” says Dr. Ted Mock. "I had 18 years' experience in HR before coming back for my master's and PhD.” But, he says, learning about unions and labour relations at the CIRHR brought something new and interesting. 

Mock’s relationship with the Centre continues to this day as an instructor in the undergraduate programs. Throughout his 20-year association with the Centre, he says, the Librarians and the Library Assistants have been a constant. “I have wonderful memories of Elizabeth and Bruce—such kind, supportive and thoughtful people.” And now as an instructor, "I drop into the Library once a week, when I am teaching at Woodsworth, to visit with Monica, Vicki and Ashley. They always brighten my day.” 

 Looking back, he describes fond memories of the CIRHR: 

I did my MIR in 1999 and 2000 with one of the greatest cohorts of master's students. My master’s year was probably the most enjoyable year in memory—living the life of a student (no job worries) with an amazing group of fellow students. We referred to ourselves as "the core group"—those students who could always be depended upon to show up if there was the potential for a party. Particularly memorable was Thursday evening Macro Economic classes with Frank Reid. The classes were held across from the grad student pub so you can imagine where the core group could be found after class on Thursday nights! 

Mock credits the support of Professors Morely Gunderson and Anil Verma and fellow PhD students Tony Fang (CIRHR PhD 2004) and Margaret Yap (CIRHR PhD 2004) seeing him through his PhD years. 

After completing his PhD, Mock joined the faculty at Seneca College, and returned to the CIRHR in 2006 to teach undergraduate courses in Human Resources Management— “And I never left.”