MIRHR Awards Policy

Full-time students with first class standing in the last two years of university-level study are automatically considered for entry scholarships. Since funding is limited the Centre is not able to offer financial support to all eligible or meritorious students.

To be eligible for CIRHR awards MIRHR students must:

  • Be registered as full-time students and pursuing their studies as a full-time occupation in accordance with government regulations and university guidelines that are set out in the current SGS Calendar.
  • Complete an OSOTF financial needs assessment form (Part 1 and 2) for OSOTF needs-based awards. Note that OSOTF awards comprise about half of the available fellowship budget.
  • Continuing students must apply for OGS external awards if they are eligible. Eligible students who do not apply for OGS will be excluded from the internal awards competitions.

Award Payments

  • Awards for MIRHR students normally begin in September, are made for one year only, and are not automatically renewed for continuing students. Depending on the value and source of the award, it may be paid in one or two instalments. These instalments may be of equal or unequal amounts.
  • Award Payment Procedures are discussed on the SGS website and includes information about the Direct Deposit Option which is available on ACORN in the personal information section. Note that you must be registered before you can activate this feature.
  • January and May award instalments are posted to the student’s fees account and automatically applied towards outstanding tuition and other charges. The balance will be provided via direct deposit or a cheque will be mailed. Be sure to keep both your permanent AND mailing address updated on ACORN since the system will NOT deposit or mail an award payment unless the “mailing address” is active.

Additional Information

  • Internal award decisions are made by the CIRHR Awards Committee.
  • Once an OSOTF application is approved and financial need has been established, awards are based on merit.
  • Additional terms and conditions will be provided with the fellowship letter, if applicable.
  • Full-time students who withdraw, transfer to part-time status, or fail to complete a term, will be required to repay all or part of their awards. Full-time students who accept full-time employment during the term will also be required to repay all or part of their awards.
  • Students may hold other awards concurrently with those awarded by the Centre. However, to maintain equity, a major award from an external source such as the OGS or SSHRC, will be taken into account in determining any CIRHR award. Students who receive a major award at a later date may be asked to relinquish all or part of an internal CIRHR award.