CIRHR, OSOTF, Black and Indigenous Awards

CIRHR Awards

  • Donald K. Aynsley Fellowship: Established as a tribute to his years of service as the former Registrar of the Ontario Labour Relations Board. Value: $250
  • George Becigneul Memorial Award: In memory of the Director of Labour Relations (1964-1975) for the General Contractors’ Section of the Toronto Construction Association. Value: $500
  • The Raj Uttamchandani & Labatt Breweries of Canada Award for Excellence: Awarded to a student entering the MIRHR program. The student is chosen based on academic merit, community engagement and financial need. Value: $2,000 (approx)
  • Noah Meltz Memorial Scholarship: Recognizes an outstanding Woodsworth College graduate who has been admitted to the MIRHR program. Established in honour of Noah Meltz, former principal of the College and esteemed professor of industrial relations. Value: $3,000 (approx)
  • Lorne T. Morgan Fellowship: In memory of UofT’s professor of political economy (1930-1962). Preference given to undergraduates from commerce, economics and political science. Value: up to $1,000

Black Student Entry Award (BSEA) and Indigenous Student Entry Award (ISEA)

In support of the CIRHR's strong commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, the CIRHR is offering the following entry awards:

  • Black Student Entry Award (BSEA): Awarded to an incoming MIRHR student entering through the Black Student Application Stream (BSAS). Value: $10,000
  • Indigenous Student Entry Award (ISEA): Awarded to an incoming MIRHR student entering through the Indigenous Student Application Stream (ISAS). Value: $10,000

OSOTF: Ontario Student Opportunity Trust

To be considered for the awards, complete the OSOTF Financial Needs Assessment Form (Part 1 and 2) and submit it by June 15.

Once an OSOTF application is approved and financial need has been established, awards are based on merit.

See the OSOFT Application Form for information regarding eligibility and assessment of financial need.

Unless otherwise indicated, each OSOTF award listed below is valued at up to $3,000.

  • Avenor Graduate Award: Endowed by the international forest products company.
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Scholarships in Youth Employment: Preference given to students who have conducted research on youth-related issues. Multiple awards with a value ranging from $1,000 to $8,000 each.
  • John Crispo Graduate Award: Recognizes the founding director of the CIRHR (1965-1975).
  • Lancaster House Graduate Award: Established by Jeffrey Sack, founder of a leading publisher of labour, employment and human rights law materials.
  • Noah Meltz Graduate Award: Created to honour his service as Director of the CIRHR (1975-1985).
  • John O’Grady Graduate Award: Established by the founding partner of the consulting firm Prism Economics and Analysis.
  • L. Victor Pathe Graduate Award: Recognizes his contributions to labour-management cooperation. Preference given to students interested in innovative workplace practices.
  • Alexander C. Pathy Graduate Award: Created by the former Professor of Management and Industrial Relations who served both as Vice-President Human Resources and Vice-President Business Affairs at the University of Toronto.
  • Bob Rae Graduate Award: Honours the former Premier of Ontario (1990-1995), and noted author in labour and employment law. Value: up to $6,000.
  • Gerald Starr Memorial Award: In tribute to his career with the International Labour Organization in Geneva, Switzerland and devotion to improving global working conditions. Value: $500.
  • Anil Verma Graduate Award: Established by Anil Verma, a professor at the CIRHR during 1989-2020, and family members: Mahendra, Yoga Shakti, Anil, Ana Virginia, Ranjan, Veena, Vikash, Eileen, Arvind and Ashok.
  • Peter Warrian Graduate Award: Created by the former Legislative and Research Director, United Steelworkers of America
  • Lynn R. Williams Graduate Award: Honours the former International President of the United Steelworkers of America (1983-1994) for his contributions to the trade union movement in Canada and abroad. Preference given to students interested in issues of workplace fairness and social justice.
  • Institute for Work and Health Scholarship: Established for students who have demonstrated a past interest or expect to pursue work in the area of work and health.

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